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DODUCO – The name not only stands for comprehensive competence in the production of contact materials, galvanic surfaces or efficient precious metal processing.


However, DODUCO also is a dedicated specialist for silver powder and silver flakes, as well as silver-plated copper powder.




There are many possible applications. In addition to powder-metallurgically produced contact materials or carbon brushes for grinding contact systems, these products are also used for diamond tools, cosmetic products and, due to their antibacterial effects, in medical applications.



Chemically separated, sprayed or electrolytically produced: DODUCO offers diverse options and a diversified program with materials of many different characteristics. The optimal design for the respective application of the customer is at the focus.


Following the marketing requirements at all times, the manufacturer developed materials that differ by flow behaviour, tap or bulk density, grain size distribution, and even specific surface to match the application area. This way, DODUCO offers the perfect raw material for nearly any requirement.

Of course, customer-specific new developments are possible as well. 


An entire range of different conductive varnishes and preparations, made of the powder produced in house, complete the offer.



The DODUCO-internal recycling process produce highly pure precious metals that are offered on the market as granulates or silver ingots.


LBMA-certification is an outer sign for evenly high quality of the fine silver, always at the highest purity of 99,99%.


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DODUCO Contacts and Refining GmbH is an accredited Silver LBMA Good Delivery List Refiner. This logo is a trade mark of The London Bullion Market Association.